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Increasing Use of Mobile Apps To Revolutionize The Microlearning Experience

Today, the focus of organizations is that, learning needs should be tailored to modern workplace environment, which means supporting continuous learning rather than discrete learning events. With infrastructure and devices getting quicker, affordable and smarter, people are more likely to adopt different kinds of mobile technologies. As per research, there are around 2.53 billion smartphone users across the world and this number is expected to rise to 2.87 billion by 2020. [Source:].

Mobile learning is delivered on a smaller screen as compared to traditional desktop learning and mostly useful to people who are on the move. This results in leveraging the best use of bite-sized content which is quick to access, easy to digest and retain. Modern learners use different mobile apps to learn at their own pace of time and place. Learning through apps does not require internet connection to download the course. Because of this flexibility, mobile apps are becoming a significant content delivery format, especially for microlearning.