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Assam CTC Black Tea And Orthodox Tea – How Are They Different?

Assam tea is one of the presumed brands in Indian tea advertise. It is essentially characterized into two noteworthy heads – CTC and Orthodox – as indicated by their style of generation. Leaves are acquired from a similar plant however they are delivered in various styles and thus, their names are diverse as well.

Customary and CTC Assam Blends – Pointing Their Differences

Generation Methods

Customary mixes are delivered through conventional techniques which incorporate –






Since the style is conventional, the mix is named Orthodox. Despite what might be expected, Assam CTC dark tea is delivered with the assistance of cutting edge techniques. This style incorporates Crushing, Tearing and Curling of the tea leaves.


Customary Assam tea is delivered through conventional techniques and thus, requires a great deal of human power and is likewise tedious. That is the reason, this variation is additionally elite. While CTC is very generation amicable and produces quality refreshment at a quick rate. Hence, this variation can satisfy the need of tea advertise around the world. Assam CTC tea is likewise moderate and accessible to worldwide buyers.

Goal of Production

Assam tea domains creating universal mixes goes for safeguarding the tea leaves while organizations delivering CTC mixes center around quick generation of value tea for satisfying the need of worldwide market. The conventional variation requires substantially more consideration than the advanced assortment in light of the fact that universal teas are fragile and inclined to contaminated and harm.

Flavor Profiles

On the off chance that a consumer is searching for a credible tea experience, at that point he ought to settle on conventional mixes as they give more certified involvement than CTC mixes. Being a mix of a wide range of teas, standard offers a sensitive and complex flavor. It additionally has positive effect on wellbeing and health of individuals. CTC teas, then again, have an astringent flavor. This unmistakable kind of CTC makes it appropriate for masala chai.