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Choose Organic Herbal Henna Powder For A Chemical Free Hair Colouring Experience

Not many of us are aware that the favorite pack of chemical hair color might contain heavy metals and comes with a harmful chemical composition that causes more damage than do good. Owing to such high chemical concentrations, chemical hair dyes are known to cause severe allergic reactions and also has a number of side effects attached under its name. The primary symptoms include itching, redness or swelling around the eyelids or eyes in the said respect. But the continuous use of chemical dyes might lead to severe damage of the scalp and tresses which ultimately results in baldness, excessive hair loss and damaged and dull hairs.

Thus, opt for the completely natural organic herbal henna powder that provides for a chemical free hair coloring experience and in turn, its essential goodness caters to the proper nourishment of the scalp and hairs as well while other added advantages that it has to its credit.